Film Crew




The First Interactive

Treasure Hunt Film.

Six Treasures is the first Treasure Hunt of it's kind.

Its a Film Series based on Treasure Hunting that includes an interactive treasure hunt with hints and clues scattered throughout each episode. It's composed of six seasons, that correlate to six different hidden treasures, each increasing in value, quite possibly even to the sum of hundreds of thousands.


Season One is worth $10,000 dollars.

Throughout this film, you’ll follow the story of a group of High School Seniors that "acquire" the maps to six mysterious treasures through a series of unfortunate happenings. Five teenagers that have nothing in common will have to work together to strike gold.

This series will follow their search for each of the six treasures.

Within each episode there will be a “clue” hidden within a scene, that when combined and solved correctly, will lead to a real treasure worth thousands of dollars hidden somewhere within the United States. 

Each Season will have a Treasure hidden in a new location, which will be provided within the info about each Season. Follow their hunt for treasure, and then have the chance to find your own.

The series is still in production and Episodes will be released as they are completed. The timeline for the release of episodes is unknown and may differ greatly with each release. Episode One was officially released on November 20th 2020.

Think you have what it takes to solve the clues and find one of the Six Treasures? 

Planning Travels


Season One: Home Town Maddness

The first Treasure we've decided to keep close to home.

We are located in Alpena Michigan, where most of the cast and crew are from as well as the director, and cinematographer. 

We've decided to bury the first box of cash somewhere within 500 miles from the center of Michigan as a crow flies.

The Initial Treasure Value is worth $10,000 dollars.

Each Season will be sold as an entire season containing  six single episodes which when combined contain the clues needed to find the treasure.

There will be no time limit on the Treasure Hunt. The cash prize is in the actual Chest, we've created a way that we will know when the chest is found and moved. We've also got an eye on the location at all times. There will be many hints and clues scattered throughout each episode. Whomever buys the series, solves the clues, and claims the chest is the owner of the chest and all of its contents. 

Good Luck!



Treasure Hunting is an experience.

Our hunt began in 2016.

We were searching for the Forrest Fenn Treasure... The only thing standing between us and a $2MIL dollar treasure was a a cryptic

24-line poem containing 9 clues, that if followed precisely, would lead you right to the gold...The search was on.


We searched high and low, seen beautiful sights, and took in all the beauty of the land. End result: We were successful beyond our wildest dreams. Not in that we found the treasure, because we didn't, but in the unintended joy and wonder found exploring these vast lands with friends and family. Creating memories we would never forget. 

Forrest Fenn's Treasure was found in Wyoming (our search state)  in June of 2020, Forrest states that it was found by Jack Stuef of Michigan. Or was it?


We found so much joy in the search, it sparked something in us. We decided to create awesome treasure hunts, for everyone to enjoy. We've created over 50 different style hunts over the past year and "Six Treasures" is our newest addition. 


Adventure awaits.