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The steps are simple:

Step 1:


Create an account on SixTreasuresFilm, with a valid email, that you have access to.

Step 2:


Purchase the Season (Treasure Hunt) of your choice.

Step 3:


Grab some popcorn and watch each episode as it's released, or wait it out, and binge watch them all at once. 

Step 4:


Find the clues within the series, create a solve, and find a REAL hidden Treasure!

The first Treasure attached to

Season One: Home Town Maddness

is located somewhere within 500 miles from the center of Michigan as a crow flies.

The Initial Treasure Value is worth $10,000 dollars.

The price for the complete first season is $39.99


Each Season will be sold as an entire Season containing 6 single episodes, which when combined contain the clues needed to find the treasure.

There will be no time limit on the Treasure Hunt.


The actual cash prize is in the Chest.


We've created a way that we will know when the chest is found and moved. We've also got an eye on the location at all times.


There will be many hints and clues scattered throughout each episode.


Whoever buys the series, solves the clues, and claims it first is the owner of the chest and all of its contents. 

The complete release of the entire first season containing all 6 episodes and the clues to our first Treasure is still TO BE DETERMINED, but we are releasing them as they are completed. 

a purchase will give access to any released episodes immediately upon purchase.

Good Luck!